Dental Care Made More Accessible and Affordable

Your very own loyalty program that patients can trust and afford

What percentage of your patients don't have dental insurance?

Show them how to save by signing up with your loyalty program.  Keep them from walking out the door.  Create and manage your program on the Loyalty.Dental platform.

With a loyalty program membership, patients pay an annual fee and in return get discounted prices on every visit.

Increase number of patient visits

Increase engagement with your patients with a loyalty program.  Patients like discount plans.  They actually end up coming back to you often because they know they are getting a good deal.  

Increase treatment acceptance rates

A loyalty program lowers the cost of dental treatment and procedures for members.   That leads to higher treatment acceptance rate and patient loyalty.   Patients will want to get more needed treatment done since they can get it at an affordable price.

Increase revenue and profits

There are fewer instances of turning away uninsured patients.   More patient visits boost your profits in the long run.   Generate an additional $20k-$30k or more each year from your loyalty program membership fees.

Establish positive word-of-mouth

Word of mouth marketing from current members bring new patients   Use Loyalty.Dental to track and reward members for referring their family and friends.